Melissa Karlin/ August 1, 2018/ Get Involved, Knowledge

Melissa Karlin

Product Manager at Verity, a HealthStream company
August 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Why Should I Sponsor ProductCamp Nashville?

As the Sponsorship Coordinator for 2018, I get asked that question a lot. To me it’s a pretty easily answered question, but one that I look at through a more personal lens.

I’m a recent transplant to Nashville from Chicago, which has a very robust Product “scene” but not particularly collaborative or well organized. When I first considered relocation, I made sure to network my face off and many of the first people I met were those who had served, or are currently serving on the PCN team. These people, whom I barely knew, were hugely invested in my success in both Product and in the Nashville Tech community at large.

So, through working as the Sponsorship Coordinator, I’ve met some of the smartest Product people in Nashville (and, in my opinion, smartest Product people anywhere) in addition gaining exposure to companies in Nashville that are doing some truly innovative things.

So, imagine you could meet 250+ people like me? That’s a pretty great deal right? 250+ Product people really striving to learn more and bring that back to their organizations.

It’s an easy decision if you ask me. If you’d like to discuss Sponsorship for ProductCamp Nashville 2018, please reach out to us at