ProductCamp Nashville 2018 is conducted as an “unconference”. Selection of speakers, sessions, and scheduling of the session are performed on the day of the event, based on the votes of all attendees. There is no guarantee that all sessions proposed by potential speakers will be given a dedicated presentation slot, however, the ProductCamp Nashville team will make a good faith, best effort to accommodate all session submissions. For more information about the unconference format, check out our blogpost explaining what an "unconference" is. 

Please note:

  • Please limit submissions to one 'Presentation'/'Workshop'/'Roundtable' and/or one 'Panel'. See our "Session Formats" page for more details.
  • Word Counter is an excellent tool to assist with word count for the following form!

Mobile preferred for day-of-event communication via text
Give a brief, but engaging description of your proposed session!
What type of session are you proposing?
Who are you? Where do you work? How are you a part of the product community?
Will photography, video or audio recording be allowed?