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Clark Buckner

Chief Creative Officer at Relationary Marketing
September 21 , 2018 · 10 min read

Discover How the Product Community Connects at ProductCamp Nashville 

Ann Howard: I think we have a legitimate community.  It’s starting to feel the momentum that maybe healthcare felt a while back, where by working together and sharing what we know, in this way, that we’re gonna elevate product and we’re gonna have a great win come out of this city and I’m so excited about it.

Charles Topping: The people who are product people, they get it. And so who do you want to be talking to? Do you want to be talking to the leaders of tomorrow? Because they’re here.

Clark Buckner: Hi I’m Clark Buckner and if you are a product developer, product manager, product marketer, or just have an idea for a really cool product that you’re not quite sure on how to get started, you need to be at ProductCamp Nashville.

It’s happening on Saturday September 29th from 8 am to 4 pm at the Nashville School of Law.

Now you’ve probably been to conferences in the past but ProductCamp is a different kind of conference.

It’s an un-conference. It’s is a community gathering where product people from around the city come together to learn share and discuss their experiences in product development marketing and management.

And at this un-conference there is something for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned professional who’s been in the business for years or just a new comer with just an idea, ProductCamp will be an invaluable experience for you. And I really hope you will join us.

This short audio podcast recap is brought to you by Relationary Marketing, we’re a turn key podcast production agency, and last year at ProductCamp we brought our onsite podcast lounge to capture stories, and speakers, sponsors, attendees, and really anyone who wanted to share their story. And among those folks is Charles Topping, you’re about to hear from him next and he’s the founder and principal analyst at the Product Growth Leaders. And he’s a big fan of what is happening at this event.

Charles Topping: “I’m the biggest fan of grassroots development and grassroots knowledge sharing and learning, where anybody can get up and do anything. This is quite possibly the best ProductCamp that I’ve attended thus far. And not from a business perspective, but because that when you have a healthy community of people who share, then you can make magic happen. And it’s when everybody comes together at an event like this that that stuff actually works, cause otherwise we’re just online chit chatting with each other.”

Clark: At ProductCamp Nashville you’ll have the opportunity to join fantastic speakers as they lead sessions covering every stage of product growth. From conception to development to marketing and ongoing enhancement. You’re going to hear about the mistakes they’ve made, what they’ve done right, and what YOU can do to be successful.

To give you a little flavor of what the session topics may look like here’s a few examples from last year’s ProductCamp.

Shane Morris: My name is Shane Morris. My Company is called Beautiful Majestic Dolphin and The title of my talk today was called Human Factors-Why we suck at designing for people.

John Allen: Hello my name’s John Allen. I work at a small Marketing agency called Department 624 that you’ve never heard of and we’re actually totally ok with it and my session here at ProductCamp is Confessions of a product junkie: I built the amazing thing and I don’t need to talk to the humans. Right?

Ann Howard: Hello my name is Ann Howard I am a managing partner at center source. We are a product management firm in Germantown. We’ve been doing this 15 years and my ProductCamp talk was called, Us and Them: Getting along well with Sales.

Clark: So what sessions are on the agenda for this year? That’s actually up to you. Another really interesting thing about ProductCamp Nashville is that you get to choose what you learn. And this is really where the word un-conference comes into play.

This is how it works: Instead of having pre-scheduled speakers, anyone in the Nashville Product community can submit a proposal to lead a session. It could be for a talk, or a discussion, or a round table, and when you show up on the morning of the conference you’ll get 4 star stickers. These you’re your votes. And each session proposal will be posted on a piece of paper and labeled with the session name and details. Simply place your sticker on the sessions that you’re most excited about. And then quickly all those votes are counted and the sessions with the highest number of votes will be put on the schedule.

So if your thinking to yourself  “I wonder if people would want to hear about my experience? Or Do they have a conference session on X?" The answer is: probably yes.

ProductCamp Nashville is a great place to learn new ideas, share your thought leadership, talk about your experiences. It’s a great gathering of folks you’re going to meet new friends, reconnect with folks you’ve met before. It’s just a really fun time. Up next is another idea of what this event is all about.

Charles Topping: You know, it’s interesting. Just coming out of the session there was a younger man who talked about wanting to start his own business, and he said, "Where? Where do I find people?" And I said, "You, my friend, are at ProductCamp Nashville. You are at a conference with 300 some-odd people who are all interested in helping you out today if you start asking questions. So walk around this building and say, ‘Hey! I’m thinking of this. Do you know anything about that? No? Do you know anybody who does?’ You do that five times, you just got your first interview, just by being here at ProductCamp Nashville and participating in grassroots un-conferences like this."

Clark: I sincerely hope to see you at this year’s ProductCamp Nashville. Make sure to mark your calendar, it’s coming up quick, Saturday September 29th at the Nashville School of Law from 8 am to 4 pm. So register for a FREE ticket, yes these tickets are free. Visit, and also if you want to submit a proposal for a session topic. It’s not to late. Just go to the website for instructions on how to do that:

Hey that wraps up our recap, thank you so much for listening. This mini-audio podcast recap was brought to you by Relationary Marketing, we’re a turn-key podcast production agency based right here in Nashville, We love supporting the community at events like ProductCamp. We look forward to seeing you there!