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ProductCamp Nashville Survival Guide

When: 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Where: Nashville School of Law,
4013 Armory Oaks Dr
Nashville, TN 37204

ProductCamp Nashville 2018 is only days away on Saturday, September 29th. Doors open at 8:00AM with morning voting and networking from 8:00AM-9:15AM. A general session will be held at 9:15AM, with the first regular sessions starting at 9:50AM.

We know you have questions, so we prepared this guide chock full of information and useful tips.

First, be sure you’ve registered for your free ticket! Next, check out the proposed sessions to get an idea of what kind of content you’ll be voting for the morning of the event… or read over our session tips in case you might want to submit a session yourself!


  • Charge your devices before you arrive for tweeting, texting and blogging. Make sure you tag us and use #PCN18 on your social posts!
  • Bring lots of business cards to hand out. You’ll be needing them for all of the awesome people you’re going to meet.
  • Remember a small notebook as a handy alternative for note-taking if you’re not a fast typist, or in an emergency if your device dies in the middle of a session.
  • Wear COMFORTABLE shoes. Some extra popular sessions may be standing room only.
  • Parking is somewhat limited, so please try to rideshare, bike or take the bus. Free parking will be available in the Nashville School of Law lot for the day!
  • Directions. Keep an eye out for these directional signs on corners surrounding Nashville School of Law. 


Doors open at 8:00 am for late registration (if you didn't register online), check-in, coffee and early networking. First things first upon arrival -- register at the registration desk, which you'll see straight ahead as soon as you enter the doors. After registration, look through your welcome packet for details and directions.

Session selection is done in person, analog-style.Each registered attendee will be given four votes (adhesive dots) for the entire day’s programming. A program of the sessions (those submitted prior to 9/29/2018) will be included in your registration packet, which you will receive upon check-in at the registration desk.

We will be announcing the entire day’s session calendar after the plenary session and will have session information posted on room name boards.

Sessions are 35 minutes long with 10-minute breaks in between. If you want to switch sessions for any reasons, follow the “law of two feet.” If you’re in a session and it’s not what you thought it would be, or there are two sessions happening simultaneously and you want to catch a little bit of each, simply get up quietly and walk out. It isn’t rude—in fact, it’s encouraged. It’s your event—make it the most valuable experience for you.

Lunch is self-service and from 12:00PM – 12:50PM or while supplies last. This year lunch is provided by Brown Bag, featuring a Fajita Bar. We'll also have unsweet and sweet tea, lemonade, and brownies. 

You’ll be learning a ton of great stuff and meeting all kinds of people. Take a moment to let everything soak in. But don’t take too long—you don’t want to miss anything.

Everyone will have the opportunity to unwind at the end of the day during Pendo’s After Party at Black Abbey Brewing Company, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Registered after party attendees will receive 2 free drink tickets and 1 free food ticket. Additional food and drink are available for purchase. This event is FREE, but you should register here if you'd like to snag the free food/beverages.

Hear something fabulous? Tweet/Insta/FB your photos and experiences using the #PCN18 hashtag and the unique session hashtags. Spread the knowledge and and let everyone how you’re making it awesome for you.

Got all that? Don’t forget to contact us for answers to your pressing last-minute questions. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! We look forward to seeing you!